Swedish (Relaxation) Massage

Relax and unwind with a soothing 30 or 60-minute Swedish massage in our Federal Way massage center. Your stress will melt away as the tension releases from your muscles.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage consists of long, flowing massage strokes. In addition to reducing stress and tension, Swedish massage has been shown to aid in reducing pain and joint stiffness. Swedish massage also supports the immune system and better health. If you are seeking massage for a medical condition we recommend therapeutic / medical massage.

What to Expect During Your Swedish Massage

Each massage room in our Federal Way massage center is private and features a well-cushioned, sturdy, heated massage table. Throughout your massage you will be draped with a fresh sheet and blanket. Your massage therapist will be an experienced, licensed massage therapist with years of experience doing Swedish massage who will tailor your Swedish massage to your preferences. If you have tension spots you want extra attention to or avoided, prefer a softer or firmer touch, or any other preferences just let your massage therapist know.

Massage is an all-natural, holistic, time-proven therapy for reducing pain, promoting healing, and increasing well-being.

Contact us now to schedule a Swedish massage in our Federal Way massage center. Appointments are available early morning, daytime, evenings, Saturdays, and on short notice.

Health and wellness for your body, mind, and spirit.