The dedicated team in our Federal Way massage center is here to make your visit as comfortable as possible in every way. Here is a sampling of the reviews we’ve received from our patients and medical professionals who refer their patients.

“This is my go to place! I have reoccurring flare ups of piriformis syndrome.

“End of 2015/early 2016 my piriformis syndrome was so bad. I could barley sleep. Did stretches several times a day and it wouldn’t go away.

“Saw MICHELLE here and she knocked that stuff back into place. I see her every month now for normal maintenance.”

~ Rochelle M

Federal Way, WA

“Great friendly customer service. Competitive prices and specials that they have several times a year. Clean warm rooms with peaceful ambiance and knowledgeable massage therapists that actually educate you on you ailments.

“The people at Federal Way Muscular Therapy are amazing, from the office staff to the therapists. I love how easy it is to book appointments and the range of therapists they offer. I love a firm massage but not everyone does and it’s really a separate skill set do to each. Because they have so many therapists it’s easy to get the times and dates that work best for your schedule and they make insurance billing super easy. The facility is super nice, clean and welcoming and the treatments awesome. I’ve been going for a few months now and I’ve been happy with all the people I’ve interacted with, their service is truly wonderful.”

~ Kristen A, busy saleswomen and horse-lover

Lakebay, WA

“Have been twice now and both times I have been able to squeeze in at the last minute. I have chronic pain issues and don’t currently have insurance to see a massage therapist so to be able to get in on such a short notice is really helpful.

“Both times I went, I felt like my massage therapists respected my pain and really did what they could to help alleviate it. They were super professional and I felt like I was treated better than any time I’ve gone to a doctor for these issues.

“Also the price is right for me…”

~ Maedline R

Seattle, WA

“My favorite days are days I get a massage from Federal Way Muscular Therapy. Take care of yourself and book your massage today. Make sure to take advantage of their infrared saunas as well. You’ll be glad you did.”

~ Tai L

Kent, WA

“The professionals at Federal Way Muscular Therapy are the best! Not only do I get a much needed very relaxing message I also get invaluable information from my message therapist that educates me on exercises I can do at home to maintain and manage my pain.”

~ Stephanie Snyder

Federal Way, WA

“I always receive great service from front desk and Aleshia and Kassandra are miracle workers.”

~ Jensen Jones

“For weeks I woke up every night with stabbing low back pain as a result of rigorous yard work. Chiropractic treatments brought some relief but the nightly low back pain made it impossible to get a good night’s sleep. After the first massage in your Federal Way center I felt noticeable improvement. Plus, your massage therapist showed me how to do a daily stretch that eliminated the nightly muscle spasms behind all the pain. I’m so grateful for a natural, healthy solution!”

~ Krista R, business owner and gardening enthusiast

Kent, WA

Our massage therapy team is looking forward to helping you feel better.

Contact us today at 253-942-3303 to schedule a massage in our Federal Way massage therapy center.

Health and healing in a serene, relaxing atmosphere.